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Static  Balance : A State of balance existing in a rotating body when there is coincidence between its center of mass and its axis of rotation , so that the body is in neutral equilibrium under the action of standing forces

Dynamic Balance : A State of balance of a rotating body wherein its weight (mass) is so distributed about the axis of rotation that there will be no tendency to displace the axis of rotation when running


One Important reason for balancing is that the forces created by unbalance are detrimental to the life of the machine.

Dynamic balancing is particularly important for high speed machines to ensure that high performance designs are accompanied by excellent smoothness.

Unbalance in rotating parts creates forces that produce vibration in operating equipment.

Rotating machine is an important part in mechanical system.

Imbalance is a common problem for rotors and also the principal reason of faults in rotor systems.

Dynamic balancing technology has important scientific and engineering significance.

So, we have reason to give you your jobs in its particular time limit and give you 0.1 gram tolerance in its balancing.

We are doing the balancing work up to 2000 kg Jobs.

Why are some machines louder than others? Why does the valve of a bicycle swing downwards when it is allowed to freely rotate? Why does the steering wheel of a car shake at certain speeds? Virtually every day we come across a phenomenon, the effect of which is frequently underestimated -unbalance.

The term ?unbalance? comes from "balance", which in turn comes from"scales". Scales are in equilibrium when the same weight exists on both sides of the scale beam. The mass distribution of a rotor about its rotational axis can be considered in the same way. An uneven distribution of the mass is called unbalance. It causes centrifugal forces, vibrations  during rotation, which become stronger and more uncomfortably notice a bleat higher speeds.

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